Good seasons come and go. It’s during the bad seasons where holding on to what you’ve accumulated is key, but this requires focus and attention; resources in short supply when there’s work to be done. And so it goes that the plans aren’t made and you’re left hoping for the next good season to come along so you can retire.

So I’ve  developed  a 6 step plan, which  implemented over the first 12 months focuses you on what’s important to you and gives you a roadmap for the future.

It starts with an in depth understanding of your families values, which underpin all your decision-making.

Then, we get laser like focus on the timing and costs of your aspirations for your life now and in the future.

I calculate exactly how much risk is needed in your portfolio and using a unique specialised method of portfolio construction I create  a financial strategy to give you the best chance of achieving your outcomes with exactly the right amount of risk you need.  Capital preservation and income are key and this process allows appropriate risk management to protect downside risk.

My tough love approach ensures you get stuff done and stay on track, and then at the beginning of every year we measure against all those outcomes that are important to you –  and do it all again.